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Second Hand Markets…a place to be wary…

Here at POSH Seconds we like to be transparent on how we treat our clients and customers.
If you have an item for sale that you would like POSH to help you with then this is a little rundown on how we operate

Evaluate the item:

The first stage is to work out if we believe we would be able to sell your item.  The easiest method would be to send in a picture of your goods into us at info@poshmarbella.com to give us a clearer picture of what we are working with.  Along with the picture, send in the price you require, a description of the item (it’s history, e.t.c.) and your contact details.  We will then get back to you for the next step.

Commission basis:

Our policy is very simple.  We do not buy items and sell them on (except if you’re willing to sell at rock bottom prices).  The vast majority of our sales are based on a commission structure. We may only buy items under certain conditions but in general, we take your item, advertise it at the agreed price in our store, online webshop, email subscriber list and other channels available to us to sell your item as quick as possible.  Once the sale has been made, you will receive your money and we retain our commission.


Our pricing is straight across the board.  We add a fixed percentage to the price you require , which covers all costs and gives us room for that all important negotiation (this is the second hand market after all)

Delivery and Pickup:

Local delivery of items purchased and item to be sold is FREE.  Prices for pickups and deliveries further afield can be discussed and are dependent on location and size of order.

Further info:

If you have any more questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us